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Psychedelic Science, Ethics & Business 2022 | Part of ICPR 2022

Don’t Miss Europe’s Most Exciting Psychedelic Conference

Learn from David Nutt (+25 more speakers) about Psychedelic Business

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On September 21st, join 400 entrepreneurs, investors, clinicians, and scientists for the conference that brings together leading thinkers (Kim Kuypers, Rick Doblin, David Nichols) to help you navigate how we make psychedelics into medicines.

Learn how we can go from trials to treatment during the full-day conference in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Programme Sneak-Peak

  1. Hosted Breakfast
  2. Science to Stock Market | Josh Hardman (Psychedelic Alpha)
  3. Science to Implementation | Rick Doblin (MAPS), Matthew Baggot (Tactogen), Doug Drysdale (Cybin), Elliot Marseille (GIPSE)
  4. Science to Access | Charles Raison (Usona), Anne Schlag (Drug Science), Tijmen Bostoen (psychiatrist), David Nutt
  1. Hosted Lunch
  2. Psychedelic Business Structures | Amy Emerson (MAPS PBC), Benjamin Lightburn (Filament), Ulf Bremberg (Osmond Foundation)
  3. Science of Funding | Ozan Polat (Vine Ventures), Clara Burtenshaw (Neo Kuma), Mendel Kaelen (Wavepaths)
  4. Hosted Dinner & Drinks

It is a fabulous conference, with the perfect mixture of speakers and attendees. The conference setting is beautiful and the staff and infrastructure are second to none. It’s an excellent place to meet people, network in the field of psychedelics and come away having learned the latest cutting-edge research. Totally recommended!
► Ben Sessa – Psychedelic Researcher & Co-Founder of Awakn Life Sciences

What is PSEB?

Psychedelic Science, Ethics & Business is a stand-alone conference – as part of ICPR 2022 – dedicated to the intersection of science and business in psychedelics. We will host 5 panels and provide networking opportunities throughout the day for all that are working on getting psychedelics from trials to treatment.

Who is it for?

Psychedelic Science, Ethics & Business brings together 400+ attendees engaged in the implementation of psychedelics, ranging from entrepreneurs, executives, investors, academics, researchers, clinicians, therapists, healthcare providers, and policymakers, to students.

For Limited Time Only! Get €100 off with code PSEB100

PSEB is organised by the OPEN Foundation (running psychedelic conferences since 2010) in cooperation with Blossom, Osmond Foundation & North Star.

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