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We are offering scholarship tickets to those with limited means


The application for the in-person event is now closed, however, we are still offering scholarship tickets to people from the global south to attend the conference online via our community platform. Please note that some parts of the program will not be available live, but will be accessible as recordings after the event.

Our Commitment

The OPEN Foundation is committed to diversity and accessibility. ICPR is a podium for a wide variety of ideas, disciplines, perspectives, localities, and individuals involved in the psychedelic field. We aim to support and amplify the voices of participants whose social or economic circumstances put them at a disadvantage in attending ICPR 2022.

To facilitate this, we are offering livestream scholarship tickets to those with limited means from the global south to attend. Livestream scholarships are intended for anyone (not just students) who wishes to attend but is genuinely not able to afford our standard pricing. Those who qualify for a scholarship will receive a discounted livestream ticket price of €29.

Who is Eligible

We will dedicate scholarship tickets to a wide variety of people from the global south, paying particular attention to those:

  • Who are BIPOC
  • Who identify as LGBTQ+
  • Who have participated in clinical trials involving psychedelics
  • Part of marginalised communities 
  • In retirement phase 

NOTE: Please note the above affiliations are not a checklist. Feel free to apply if you consider your circumstances deserve special attention. Do not take the answers to queries regarding your identity, credentials, and prior activity in the community as being set in stone. If many of the questions or boxes don’t relate to you, don’t be concerned.

In an effort to assess and enhance the diversity of the community we serve, we ask questions regarding racial, ethnic, gender, and other identities. The answers to these questions are entirely optional, and they represent just one of many variables taken into account.

How to Apply

To be eligible for a scholarship ticket, applicants are required to:

  1. Submit a completed application form before the deadline.
  2. Explain why and how attending the conference will benefit their work and community.
  3. Demonstrate a vested interest and commitment to the study or therapeutic application of psychedelics.

Please write a brief motivation statement (max. 200 words) about your situation, why you believe you deserve a scholarship ticket, your identification with any of the groups listed, and (if needed) your financial situation. In addition, do let us know about any relevant organisations or groups you are involved with or volunteer for. 

Video Application (Optional)

Alternatively, if you find you articulate your ideas better orally, upload a short video of yourself (max. 2 min) elaborating on the criteria mentioned above. Please upload this video to YouTube privately, and copy the link in the appropriate space in the form. 

NOTE: Proof of financial situation may be required as part of the selection process. 

Deadline for applying: September 18th

NOTE: Due to resource constraints, we cannot: 

  • Offer status updates
  • Approve all applications we receive
  • Provide individual feedback on any decisions

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