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Science, Ethics & Business in Psychedelics - September 21st 2022

A full day of Psychedelic Business Inspiration & Networking

Learn & Network | 21 September

The Psychedelic Science, Ethics & Business event at ICPR 2022 features world-leading experts in science, business, investing and ethics, including David Nichols (Heffter), Ronan Levy (Field Trip), David Nutt (Imperial College) and Shayla Love (VICE).

Science, Ethics & Business in Psychedelics brings together 400 attendees and world-class speakers who are shaping the rapidly expanding psychedelic ecosystem. Join us on Wednesday the 21st of September, for a front-row seat to leading thinkers in psychedelic business, research, and academia.  

The full day is dedicated to an in-depth and critical discussion about the intersection of psychedelic research, treatments, and investment. We'll discuss how the growing economy around psychedelics impacts science and therapy. Featuring leading experts from psychedelic businesses, academia, non-profit organisations, and investment companies.

We'll ask what is needed to bridge the gap between lab and patients? We'll inquire how investments and the proliferation of startups can be made compatible with core values and public benefit, such as optimal patient care, accessible, and equitable treatments. We'll consider and compare different potential business models around psychedelics, and what that means for access and quality. And much more!

If you're an entrepreneur, investor, executive, researcher, clinician, or someone who cares about these developments, you will walk away from this conference with unique insights into how psychedelic science is translated into practice.

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Who attends ICPR?

We bring together 400+ attendees engaged in the implementation of psychedelics, ranging from entrepreneurs, executives, investors, academics, researchers, clinicians, therapists, healthcare providers, and policymakers, to students.

Why attend ICPR?

This day will give you a front row-seat to witness - and shape - the implementation of psychedelic science. Learn, network, and engage with scientific and entrepreneurial leaders directly at the Psychedelic Science, Ethics & Business event the first day of ICPR 2022.

What's unique at ICPR?

You will hear from a wide variety of ideas, disciplines, perspectives, localities, individuals, and communities involved in responsibly and ethically advancing psychedelic research beyond the clinical trial and into the real world.

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Inspiration Guaranteed

This is our guarantee to you: If you attend the conference and don’t walk away inspired as someone who has just experienced psychedelics for the first time, we will provide you with a full refund.

A Wide-Ranging Programme on the Intersection of the Science and Business of Psychedelics


1. Hosted Breakfast
Walk in and meet others who are exploring the rapidly evolving landscape of psychedelics as medicines and beyond.

08.30 - 09.30
2. Opening Remarks
Joost Breeksema (OPEN Foundation) and Julia Mande (North Star Project) will open Psychedelic Science, Ethics & Business 2022.

09.30 - 09.40
3. Science to Stock Market
Josh Hardman (Psychedelic Alpha) will take you on a historic tour of psychedelic research and development happening outside the lab. We start our journey at Sandoz, visit Shulgin’s lab, and survey the psychedelic companies listed on global exchanges.

09.40 - 10.00
4. Trials to Treatments
What does it take to get from research to implementation? What changes in legislation – on the route to legalisation – need to happen? How do you develop the infrastructure? How do you get regulators on board? How do we get the rest of the world on board?

Ronan Levy (Field Trip), Elliot Marseille (GIPSE), Doug Drysdale (Cybin), Robert Schoevers (Groningen University), Tadeusz Hawrot (PAREA), Shayla Love (VICE)

10.00 - 11.00
6. Varieties of Psychedelic Businesses
Frédéric Loiret (Osmond Foundation) guides you through the landscape of possibilities of psychedelic business models, from B-Corp to LLC.

11.20 - 11.40
7. Ethical Psychedelic Businesses
How will psychedelics be influenced by the corporate structure it fits into? Or conversely, how will psychedelic ideas change how we do (medical) business? Is a values-centred psychedelic ecosystem possible? What is the role of patents in all this?

Michael Mullette (MAPS PBC), Benjamin Lightburn (Osmond Labs), Rae Richman (atai Impact), Ulf Bremberg (Osmond Foundation), Anne Philippi (TNHC)

11.40 - 12.40
9. On Hopeful Hype and Hypeful Hope
Tehseen Noorani (University of East London) investigates the hype that has surrounded psychedelics (as medicines) in the last decade. What is true and what is stretching the truth beyond the liminal?

14.00 - 14.20
10. Science to Inclusive Access
How will psychedelic treatments become accessible to those in need? How do we safeguard equitable access that is inclusive and respects the wisdom the industry is built upon? How do we get the costs down – can we do that without cutting corners?

Anne Katrin Schlag (Drug Science), Sherry Rais (Enthea), Leonie Schneider (PsyPan), Charles Raison (Usona), Nicholas Brüss (A Practice of Freedom)

14.20 - 15.20
12. Psychedelic Patents
David Casimir (Porta Sophia) will challenge your thinking about psychedelic patents. What are the pitfalls of the current system and (more importantly) how can we do better?

15.40 - 16.00
13. Ethical Science Consulting
What are the ethical questions that come up for scientists doing corporate consulting? What are the benefits and drawbacks of working with industry? What research is possible in a corporate environment that isn’t within academia?

Kim Kuypers (Maastricht University), David Nutt (Imperial College), David Nichols (Heffter), Ulf Bremberg (Osmond Labs), Julia Mande (North Star)

16.00 - 16.45
14. Science to Funding Business
How do we fund (the next generation of) psychedelic companies? What can a founder promise and investors expect? What do funders look for – a great team, intellectual property? How do we fund the implementation and do it in a way that provides widespread access? Where do patents fit in?

Mendel Kaelen (Wavepaths), Matthew Baggott (Tactogen), Ozan Polat (Vine Ventures), Tura Patterson (Usona), Josh Hardman (Psychedelic Alpha)

16.45 - 17.30
17. Sponsored Drinks
Join the speakers for drinks that are generously provided by our drinks sponsor Negev Capital.

19.00 - late

Confirmed Speakers

David Nutt

Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology and head of the Neuropsychopharmacology Unit in the Division of Brain Sciences, Department of Medicine, Imperial College London

Sherry Rais

Co-Founder & Interim CEO at Enthea, United States

David Nichols

Founding President of the Heffter Research Institute / Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Purdue University, United States

Kim Kuypers

Associate Professor at Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience at Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Michael Mullette

COO at MAPS Public Benefit Corporation, United States

Leonie Schneider

Co-Founder of the Psychedelic Participant Advocacy Network (PsyPAN), United Kingdom

Mendel Kaelen

Founder and CEO at Wavepaths, United Kingdom

Anne Katrin Schlag

Head of Research at Drug Science, United Kingdom

Charles Raison

Director of Clinical and Translational Research for Usona Institute. Director of Research on Spiritual Health for Emory Healthcare, United States

Ronan Levy

Founder and Executive Chairman at Field Trip, United States

Matthew Baggott

Neuroscientist and CEO of Tactogen, United States

Tura Patterson

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Usona Institute, United States

Benjamin Lightburn

CEO and Co-Founder at Filament Health, Canada

Julia Mande

Managing Director, North Star Project, United States

Ulf Bremberg

Chief Executive Officer at Osmond Labs, Sweden

Shayla Love

Senior Staff Writer at Vice Media, United States

Josh Hardman

Founder at Psychedelic Alpha, United Kingdom

Rae Richman

Vice President Impact at atai, United States

Frédéric Loiret

Chief Executive Officer at Osmond Foundation, Sweden

Anne Philippi

Founder at The New Health Club, Germany

Tehseen Noorani

Senior Lecturer in Clinical & Community Psychology and Anthropology at the University of East London, United Kingdom

Ozan Polat

Venture Partner at Vine Ventures, Switzerland

Elliot Marseille

Founding Director at Global Initiative for Psychedelic Science Economics (GIPSE), United States

Doug Drysdale

CEO at Cybin, United States

Robert Schoevers

Professor of Psychiatry at UMCG, The Netherlands

David Casimir

Founding Shareholder at Casimir Jones, United States

Nicholas Brüss

Co-Founder & Lead Trainer at Psychedelic Coalition of Health, United States

Joost Breeksema

Executive Director at the OPEN Foundation, The Netherlands
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