Presenter Abstract title Day
Christian Poulie Discovery of β-arrestin-2 biased agonists of the 5-HT2A receptor based on 25cn-nboh Thursday
Helena Aicher Modulation of self-referential information processing, mindfulness, compassion, and other psychotherapy-relevant change mechanisms through ayahuasca-analogues – first insights from an intervention study with healthy humans Thursday
Federico Cavanna Microdosing with psilocybin mushrooms: a double-blind placebo-controlled study Thursday
Mauro Cavarra Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy – a systematic review of associated psychological interventions Thursday
Olga Chernoloz Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study assessing the efficacy of microdosed psilocybin on reducing depression and/or anxiety levels in adults Thursday
James Close Co-design of a strategy for patient and public involvement in psychedelic research Thursday
Laura  de la Fuente Temporal irreversibility of neural dynamics as a signature of consciousness Thursday
Helle Kaasik Chemistry of ayahuasca and pharmahuasca: interlaboratory comparison Thursday
Maja Kohek Ayahuasca and public health: health status of people who regularly participate in ayahuasca ceremonies in spain and the netherlands Thursday
Eline Pottie In vitro functional characterization of psychedelic substances using different 5-HT2AR bioassays Thursday
Deborah Rudin Classic psychedelics differentially activate serotonin 2a receptor signaling pathways Thursday
Marcelo Falchi LSD, madness and healing: mystical experiences as possible link between psychosis model and therapy model Thursday
Federico Zamberlan Understanding the molecular mechanisms of functional selectivity in psychedelics: deep learning applied to the conformational change and transcriptome fingerprint analysis Thursday
James W. Sanders Micro-phenomenology of the intravenous DMT experience Thursday
Agnieszka Sekula Virtual reality as a moderator of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy Thursday
Daniel Martins Kosmicare: experimenting the future harm reduction interventions Thursday
Eirini Argyri Psychedelic-induced psychological transformations: calling for balance in the novel narratives Friday
Julia Bornemann Co-development of the study protocol for “psilocybin in patients with fibromyalgia: EEG-measured brain biomarkers of action” Friday
James Curley A thematic examination of the spiritual usage of cannabis Friday
Hannah Douglass Study protocol and 8-month progress update: psilocybin as a treatment for anorexia nervosa: a pilot study Friday
Jerome Herpers A five-step model to explain the functional mechanisms of MDMA-assisted therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder Friday
Maggie Kiraga Psychedelic microdosers report therapeutic motivations and longitudinal improvements in mood, mental health and psychomotor functioning relative to non-microdosing comparators Friday
Vito Palmisano Photoswitchable psychedelics Friday
Joseph Peill Validation of the psychological insight scale: a new scale to assess psychological insight following a psychedelic experience Friday
Edriss Samani Development of LIWC dictionaries for netnographic studies on psychedelics Friday
Nige / Wai Fung Netzband / Tsang Amazonian ayahuasca and mental health outcomes in an adapted traditional setting – an overview Friday
Jan Thomann Development of a bioanalytical method for quantifying mescaline and its metabolites in human plasma and urine. Friday
Filip Tylš Integration of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy into mental health: pilot results Friday
Dóra Révész A longitudinal and transcultural assessment of the relationship between psychedelic drug use, psychological well-being, post-traumatic growth, and covid-19 pandemic stress Friday
Amir Lofti Antidepressant properties of 5-MeO-DMT: a behavioral and pharmacological investigation Friday
Villa / Jennifer Zaskia/ Montjoy Serial intramuscular ketamine-assisted psychotherapy efficacy in chronic posttraumatic-stress disorder Friday
Johannes Reckweg A phase 1, dose-ranging study to assess safety and psychoactive effects of a vaporized 5-methoxy-n,n-dimethyltryptamine formulation (gh001) in healthy volunteers Friday
Eline Haijen Microdosing with psychedelics to self-medicate for ADHD symptoms in adults: a prospective naturalistic study Saturday
Tommaso Barba Summer of love: effects of psychedelic drugs on sexual functioning in healthy and depressed subjects Saturday
Jon Sharp Analgesic potential of macro- and microdoses of classical psychedelics in chronic pain sufferers: a population survey Saturday
Natalie Ertl The effect of psilocybin therapy for depression on low-frequency brain activity in response to music Saturday
Laura Kärtner Psychedelic microdosing: more than “just” placebo? Saturday
Pablo Mallaroni The neurochemical substrates of psychedelic altered states of consciousness Saturday
Lea Mertens Efficacy and safety of psilocybin in treatment-resistant major depression (EPIsoDE) – rationale, study design and insights from individual cases Saturday
Mikael Palner Detailed neurobiological changes in the rat brain, mapped over one week following a single psychedelic dose of psilocybin Saturday
Carolina Seybert Psychotherapy approaches in psychedelic-assisted treatments: a systematic review Saturday
Stefano Johannes Maria van der Aalst Repeated intravenous esketamine treatment in patients with ECT-resistant major depression disorder Saturday
Henry Whitfield The spectrum of selves (SoS) model for psychedelic-assisted therapy: further developing the approach following a high-density longitudinal data study Saturday
Isabel Wiessner LSD, afterglow and hangover: increased episodic memory and verbal fluency, decreased cognitive flexibility Saturday
Aleksandra Wingert Examining the prevalence and impact of adverse life event re-experiencing during the ceremonial use of ayahuasca. Saturday
Rayyan Zafar Looking through the doors of perception: the past, present and future of psychedelics to treat addiction Saturday
Ksenia Cassidy Childhood trauma + ayahuasca = post-traumatic growth? Saturday
David Reydellet EEG connectivity during the DMT experience Saturday
Benjamin Mudge Including bipolar people in psychedelic research Saturday

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